Charles H. Milby
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Milby Alumni Historical Time Line

On February 7, 1995, a meeting of Alumni was held to form a Milby Alumni Association.  The “Milby Alumni Association” name was chosen, and it was decided to pursue an alumni association first and then file for a “Friends of Milby High School Foundation” at a later date.  Current rosters of all classes were needed to start the process.  An agreement was reached with Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company, Inc. to work on an alumni directory for the period 1926-1995. Planning for the 70th Anniversary celebration in 1996 was also started.

In August 1995 the “Milby High School Alumni & Friends Foundation” was formed.  Bylaws were approved in September 1995; articles of incorporation were created and were approved by the State of Texas in November 1995.  The Foundation was approved as a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization in August 1998.  The State of Texas granted tax-exempt status in September 1998.

The 70th Anniversary Celebration was held in early October 1996.  The “Milby Anniversary Alumni Association” was formed to plan the 2001 75th Anniversary events along with the creation of the website in 2000.  The Anniversary celebration was held on June 2, 2001.  The Wall of Honor was created as a tribute to those Milby Alumni who gave their lives on the field of battle for our country and was dedicated on Veterans Day weekend in November 2001.  A Milby High School “Hall of Honor” celebration was held December 4, 2001 to induct a group of distinguished alumni into the first “Class of Honorees”.

In 2002 the establishment of the Milby Alumni Association membership began to collect funds for various Alumni projects and to maintain the Alumni Website, publish the Alumni Newsletter and maintain the alumni database. 

During the spring of 2003 the School established the Milby Alumni Room for meetings and other events.  During the summer of 2003 the installation of the new fence was done in the front of the School.  In August of 2003 the Alumni Foundation had the 23 foot long Display Case installed with its dedication in September.  The New Electronic Marquee was installed in September and the Milby Pond for the Science Club was financed by the Alumni in October.  The Ground Breaking Ceremony for the fundraising project The Alumni Plaza - Walk of Memories was held in December 2003 to round out the years activities.

In December of 2004 Phase One of the Alumni Plaza was completed as the fundraising project continued.  Phase Two was completed in February 2006.  Formal dedication of the Alumni Plaza was held October 28, 2006 during the 80th Anniversary Celebration.  Phase Three was completed with the installation of the New Focal Point Sculpture of Charlie on August 24, 2007 along with the dedication of the New Oil and Gas Academe at Milby.

March/April 2010 began the process of creating a new website on a new server to start May 1, 2010. 
Did you Know ...... ?
March 28th is the Anniversary of the "March Down Broadway" in 1926 from the Old Building to the New Building

Doors opened at Milby High School March 28, 1926
Formerly known as Harrisburg High School 1911-1925
W. I. Stevenson - 1925-1960
Roscoe Bayless - 1960- 1971
Claude Brinkley - 1971-1988
Michael McClellan - 1988-1992
Richard Vasquez - 1992-2000
Sylvia Perez - 2000-2002
Richard Barajas - 2002-present
of Charles H Milby High School
Fence around School - Summer 2003
New Display Cases in school hallway
Milby electronic marquee - Sept 2003
Walk of Memories Dedication Day
Walk of Memories Dedication Day
Milby Plaza Sign
Pavers at Alumni Plaza-sports area in back
Pavers in front of benches - school front
Overhead pic of Alumni Plaza
Milby Plaza phase 1
Pavers at front steps of Milby
Pavers close-up - Alumni Plaza
Charlie Buffalo in Alumni Plaza - Aug 24, 2007
W. I. Stevenson
1925 - 1960
Roscoe Bayless
Claude Brinkley
Michael McClellan
Richard Vasquez
Sylvia Perez
Richard Barajas
2002 - 2011
Original Artist Rendering of Milby High School
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Roy de la Garza
2011 - Present
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